Monday, August 19, 2019

Self-Portrait for Less

Self-Portrait is by far one of my all-time favorite designer brands. I love almost everything they create--it's feminine, chic, original, and there's oh so much guipure lace! Each season, they manage to present new, unique designs, while preserving a sense of consistency within their very recognizable aesthetic. I've been fortunate enough to be able to purchase a few Self-Portrait dresses on sale and second-hand over the past few years, but at such high price-point, they're certainly not the kind of brand you can splurge often.

I wanted to seek out a few dresses from more affordable brands in order to try to capture Self-Portrait's vibe at a more discounted price. I'm in love with Self-Portrait and think the quality of their dresses is fantastic, but I wanted to present some items that are similar in style but more accomodating in price point!

I've placed the dupe on the left, along with its designer inspiration on the right. Needless to say they're not identical, but I thought the affordable dresses were alternatives that mimicked the same overall look of the original, at a much more palatable price. Hope you enjoy!

Lulus (here) $49 vs. Self-Portrait, $555

Lulus (here) $66 vs. Self-Portrait, $546

Shein (here), $33, vs. Self-Portrait, $440

Bardot (here), $149, vs. Self-Portrait, $390


Chi Chi London (here) $119, vs. Self-Portrait, $335

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