Thursday, September 5, 2019

A Dressed Down Button-Down

Today I wanted to hop on the blog and a) end my brief hiatus while I was adjusting to my new college schedule, and b) share with you what I consider a perfect summer-to-fall outfit for class!

I like the look of button-down shirts, but I've always felt they've looked a little too boxy and rigid on me. This dress, however, is the perfect compromise. It's feminine and flared, yet polished. The overall look and material is perfect for wearing on a day you want to look trendy, yet really classy.

When I purchased the dress last year, it "swallowed me up" a bit. I was hesitant to wear it because I kind of looked as though I had just thrown on my dad's polo without pants, yikes!

Luckily, I found this belt and it really transformed the whole look. It gave a much needed waistline to the dress and added the perfect summery finishing touch. Voila!

Hope you enjoy the look! What have you been wearing back to school lately? 

*outfit details available on my Instagram story (@thelaureledit)

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