Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Leafy Greens

As much as I love fall, it's so hard for me to say goodbye to short skirts and flowy sundresses. There's just something about warm-weather clothes the summer pastel color palette that I find so lovely and feminine.

Nevertheless, the seasons keep changing, so I suppose my fashion must as well! I love that this outfit is appropriate for transitioning to fall, yet still retains a little bit of that summer vibe, with the little cap sleeves and sandals.

Best of all, the skirt has deep pockets! Especially now that I'm back at school and have a lot of walking to do, it's so convenient when I can pop my phone, headphones, etc., in my pocket and not have to worry about digging around in my backpack on my way to class. So convenient!

This top, with its cute little button detailing, is actually a ribbed bodysuit. When I think of bodysuits I typically think of something more suitable for "going out," but this really is the perfect everyday bodysuit (I actually featured it in white on my story a little while back!). So casual and cute, and you never have to worry about readjusting when it's tucked into the skirt. Plus, it has snaps!

This pretty army green color is definitely something I'll be incorporating more of in my fall wardrobe. What colors are you looking forward to wearing this season?

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