Monday, September 30, 2019

A Gameday in the Life

Today I'm thrilled to share a post I've been thinking about writing for quite sometime. Obviously, I love sharing outfit posts and photos, but I wanted to mix it up and publish something that would speak a little to my typical weekend routine and my life at college. Welcome to a post all about GAMEDAY at Notre Dame!

If you didn't know, Notre Dame has a football program that is really central to the University. Football is part of the culture here, and the majority of students attend the games.

As fun as they are, gamedays are a whirlwind. They usually mean you have an early wakeup call, a trek all around campus to different tailgate locations until kickoff, 4 hours on your feet in the student section during the game, and then finally a reprieve when the game ends. I can only imagine how the students actually playing in the game feel!

Yesterday, we played the University of Virginia and won 35-20 (woohoo!).

A big part of the gameday fun happens at the tailgates in the hours leading up to kickoff. This weekend, since the game began at 3:30, we headed out to the big tailgate parking lot beyond the stadium at around 10:30 am. The forecast was supposed to be really rainy and dreary, but luckily the rain held out and we weren't drenched!

Tailgates are typically hosted by someone's parents or extended family/friends, with the invite spreading through Facebook or word of mouth. We spend most of the morning hopping around from one location to another, socializing with friends and meeting their families. Aside from all of the fun memories made, one reason I really enjoy tailgating is because it's a testament to how close the ND community is. Oftentimes you don't always know the hosts of the tailgate, but you're able to find common ground with them through the shared bond of Notre Dame, and everyone is so welcoming and generous.

Student football tickets give you admission to the student section of the stadium, which has general seating. We usually get into the stadium at around 3 pm to try to get a good view of the field. Sadly, I didn't get to snap any pictures of the actual game itself, but I'll be sure to post some next weekend to give you all an inside peek at the game :)

I wish I could share some stadium pictures from Saturday, because there's nothing quite like seeing it packed to the brim with 70,000 fans! Oh well, I still have a pretty good view of the stadium on a typical Monday from my perch on the 13th floor of the library as I write this post!

I hope you enjoyed a little peek into what a typical gameday is like here, and let me know if you're interested in seeing more of these posts! Have a great week!

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