Thursday, October 3, 2019

A Reflection with Zelda

I was scrolling through Pinterest when I found this quote by Zelda Fitzgerald, and was immediately struck by its gravity and relevance. I think it resonates particuarly with anyone who has ever expected the worst out of a new situation, or has harbored pessimism or a feeling of inadequacy in her life.

Personally, these words speak to the in times when my mind filters out the many positives associated with change and newness, and leaves me with nothing but dread and the feeling that what I'm entering into is going to be arduous, stressful, and disappointing.

I originally stumbled across this quote while I was preparing to return to my junior year of college, a time when these sentiments were rearing their ugly head. Despite this nervousness, I was able to find some solace and comfort in Zelda's words, because they stand in such sharp contrast to those thoughts of doubt, and imply that with positive intentional thinking, a positive outcome is both real and tangible. I want to reflect on three words in particular that stand out to me when I read this quote.
Confidence in obtaining happiness doesn't necessarily have to be showy. It doesn't mean you have to maintain an absurdly unrealistic sunny disposition, or always exude optimism. It simply means keeping ever-present, if even in the back of your mind, the idea that good things will make themselves available to them if you cultivate a sense of confidence in the unknown.
This, I think, is the most striking word of all, because it's so active. Rather than live passively, as a subject to life's whim, a person in pursuit of capturing the good has great confidence and faith in the idea that good things won't just befall them, but will intentionally come to them if they can intentionally envision it.
At the end of the day, willing good things isn't the only thing it takes to see them await you at the "finish line." Obviously, it oftentimes takes much more hard work. Nevertheless, this mindset Fitzgerald describes is a testament to the air of calm tenacity that is so necessary to cultivating the good in life.

I hope this quote reflection inspires you in some way! All the best. 

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